The HLA's certification program is centered around the Tripoli Rocket Association's (TRA) high power certification program. Members 18 years and older complete training at HLA and attempt a Level 1 (L1) Certification Flight at METRA Rocket Club. They need to build, launch and successfully recover a rocket using a certified HPR motor in the H to I impulse range. High Power Level 1 Certification allows a member to purchase and use H and I impulse class commercial manufactured hobby motors. HLA also provides resources for members to get a Level 2 and Level 3 certification.

Learn more about the TRA Certification Program and METRA Rocket Club by clicking below:

TRA Certification: http://www.tripoli.org/Certification
METRA Rocket Club: ​https://metrarocketclub.org/



Hansen Pan [L1]
Daniel Struk [L1]
Hansen Pan [L2]
Ilya Avros [L1]


Robert Davis [L1]
Omar Talabah [L1]
Mohamadou Sawadogo [L1]
Yan Myo Maw [L1]
Yeiry Chaverra Cordoba [L1]
Serena Sidlow [L1]
Alexander Genel [L1]
Natalia Stefanowski [L1]


Sumit Das [L1]
Renato Vilca Valderrama [L1]
Jean-Luc Antoine [L1]
Jean-Carlos Pena [L1]
Tyler Reiss [L1]
Ryan Wong [L1]
Michael Fernandez [L2]
Khaing Hsu Wai [L2]

The HLA has provided resources for the certification of these individuals over the years. We are proud to have a 100% success rate for certifications on the first attempt.


Michael Fernandez [L1]
Umut Ayyildiz [L1]
Khaing Hsu Wai [L1]