Information on our Certification, Avionics, Propulsion, and Group Build programs.


TRA Certification: http://www.tripoli.org/Certification
METRA Rocket Club: ​https://metrarocketclub.org/

The Certification Program focuses on teaching members about rocketry concepts and oversees members' construction of model rockets with the aim to certify Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3.


Solid Rocket Motor design and manufacturing.

The HLA is not only working on learning the methods of solid rocket motor manufacturing but also on establishing a safe, rigorous and holistic training program.


Flight computing and recovery

The avionics group is currently developing a flight computer to aid in the successful recovery of all the high-power rockets we launch.

Project Daybreak

High-power group project.

The Group Build program aims to bring the HLA back to group builds and competitive rocketry with a large scale high-power rocket.